Contributions Welcome!

The Lair of the Mythos Haiku is looking for contributors of Cthulhu Mythos or Lovecraftian imagery that can be used as backgrounds for Mythkus!
The guidelines are as follows:
  1. Low contrast GIF/JPG formatted images
  2. Must not overpower the text colors on this screen
  3. MUST be less than 5kb in size, with 1.5kb being optimal
  4. Prefer images that have a color palette of 16 colors or less (although this is not an inflexible guideline)
  5. Image creator permission is desired before use. If you did not create the image, please put me in contact with the person who did. If the image creator is unknown, but image is ubiquitous, please state so.

The picture in question should be sent via MIME compliant file attachment or UUEncoded text, via Email. Please Email Philip C. Robinson () with any questions, or clarifications.

Images currently in use as backgrounds for Mythkus

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