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This page contains ALL of the sound samples presented at various points throughout the entire website. It is conveniently grouped by subsection.

If your browser is JavaScript capable, you may reload the page to get a random sample as the background sound. The randomization process selectes from all of the samples, UNLESS the sample is OVER 100kb. Currently, there are only 10 samples that are over 100kb, so you have the chance of getting nearly all via the random process.

Random Sound
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If you use any of the materials from this website, please provide a link back to it! See my Copyleft statement for further details.
All of the MP3s were lovingly captured by Jon Meyer.

bsumbody.wav bsumbody.wav (41kb)
famous.wav famous.wav (39kb)
respect1.wav respect1.wav (13kb)
willing.wav willing.wav (34kb)
somefool.wav somefool.wav (45kb)
longopen.wav longopen.wav (358kb)
Be_Somebody.mp3 Be_Somebody.mp3 (3.68Mb)   Be_Somebody.mp3 Stream Be_Somebody.mp3 (3.68Mb)

shyness.wav shyness.wav (10kb)
bsumbdy2.wav bsumbdy2.wav (22kb)

roots.wav roots.wav (6kb)
roots2.wav roots2.wav (40kb)
going.wav going.wav (29kb)
explain.wav explain.wav (10kb)
tallbig.wav tallbig.wav (36kb)
worehair.wav worehair.wav (36kb)
auchain.wav auchain.wav (76kb)
africa.wav africa.wav (35kb)

frustrat.wav frustrat.wav (10kb)
tscream.wav tscream.wav (20kb)

anger.wav anger.wav (8kb)
anger2.wav anger2.wav (39kb)
closeyes.wav closeyes.wav (119kb)
potsalad.wav potsalad.wav (19kb)
relish.wav relish.wav (12kb)
howbout.wav howbout.wav (11kb)

styling.wav styling.wav (8kb)
clothes.wav clothes.wav (44kb)
express.wav express.wav (15kb)
t-no.wav t-no.wav (9kb)
coursent.wav coursent.wav (9kb)
zenaxena.wav zenaxena.wav (28kb)
hotdog.wav hotdog.wav (43kb)
staycool.wav staycool.wav (7kb)
eastwest.wav eastwest.wav (23kb)
icecream.wav icecream.wav (20kb)
pinkpump.wav pinkpump.wav (27kb)
getinhot.wav getinhot.wav (15kb)
bboylook.wav bboylook.wav (15kb)
looktuff.wav looktuff.wav (17kb)
wasgreat.wav wasgreat.wav (8kb)
iliketht.wav iliketht.wav (9kb)
dontu.wav dontu.wav (7kb)
eatheart.wav eatheart.wav (13kb)
Styling.mp3 Styling.mp3 (3.68Mb) Styling.mp3 Stream Styling.mp3 (3.68Mb)

Peer Pressure
prpresr.wav prpresr.wav (10kb)

recoupin.wav recoupin.wav (11kb)
imdr-t.wav imdr-t.wav (22kb)
haveyou.wav haveyou.wav (38kb)
absldcrs.wav absldcrs.wav (12kb)
chekthis.wav chekthis.wav (16kb)
weirdlaf.wav weirdlaf.wav (13kb)
lilbrthr.wav lilbrthr.wav (23kb)
runagin.wav runagin.wav (16kb)
1o1dr-t.wav 1o1dr-t.wav (25kb)

creating.wav creating.wav (10kb)
artbody.wav artbody.wav (21kb)

Treat Your Mother Right
mother-t.wav mother-t.wav (132kb)
momsong.wav momsong.wav (1.8Mb)
Treat_Your_Mother_Right.mp3 Treat_Your_Mother_Right.mp3 (3.02Mb)
Treat_Your_Mother_Right.mp3 Stream Treat_Your_Mother_Right.mp3 (3.02Mb)

workout.wav workout.wav (7kb)
yougetin.wav yougetin.wav (21kb)
prttygud.wav prttygud.wav (12kb)
popcorn.wav popcorn.wav (15kb)
allright.wav allright.wav (7kb)
ohmymy.wav ohmymy.wav (24kb)
getshape.wav getshape.wav (23kb)
cmon.wav cmon.wav (10kb)

I Am Somebody
rapping.wav rapping.wav (63kb)
rappin.mp3 Rappin.mp3 (3.23Mb)
rappin.mp3 Stream Rappin.mp3 (3.23Mb)

Frustration V
dontquit.wav dontquit.wav (15kb)
talkin2u.wav talkin2u.wav (23kb)
hardwork.wav hardwork.wav (38kb)

Mr. T's Tale
nolilbro.wav nolilbro.wav (12kb)
reading.wav reading.wav (16kb)
takplace.wav takplace.wav (24kb)

daydream.wav daydream.wav (10kb)
daydrem2.wav daydrem2.wav (34kb)

hangin-t.wav hangin-t.wav (21kb)
cuagain.wav cuagain.wav (21kb)
rewind.wav rewind.wav (26kb)
thatsit.wav thatsit.wav (9kb)
t-sings.wav t-sings.wav (322kb)
aintplyn.wav aintplyn.wav (11kb)
dontbful.wav dontbful.wav (13kb)
t-beat.wav t-beat.wav (23kb)
t-riff.wav t-riff.wav (34kb)
End.mp3 End.mp3 (910kb)   End.mp3 Stream End.mp3 (910kb)

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