Be Somebody!

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Back Cover of Mr. T's Be Somebody...Or Be Somebody's Fool


Color/52 Mins.

Nobody knows how to BE SOMEBODY better then Mr. T.and now he wants you to BE SOMEBODY, too.

Here's a brand new video for children and teenagers that's a rompin', stompin', poppin' and breakin' hour full of fun and entertain- ment and some very good advice..."T-style." With guest stars Valerie Landsburg (co-star of Fame), the hot new musical group, New Edition, and a troupe of Mr. T's special friends, you'll go to the beach, the park, and the city streets for some great break dancing, singing, rapping, and comedy, all brought to you by Mr. T to help you BE SOMEBODY!

He's still the tough guy with the heart of gold, but he's also a Mr. T you've never seen before. Nobody, but nobody, will want to miss BE SOMEBODY...OR BE SOMEBODY'S FOOL. It's a direct line from the heart of MR. T to the hearts and minds of kids everywhere.

Starring MR. T Guest Appearance VALERIE LANDSBURG Special Appearance NEW EDITION (courtesy of MCA Records, Inc.) Producer TOPPER CAREW Producer HENRY JOHNSON Directed by JEFF MARGOLIS Written by Peter Elbling & PAUL RALEY & PAUL WILSON Original soundtrack available on MCA Records Read Mr. T's Be Somebody.Or Be Somebody's Fool from St. Martin's Press. © 1984 BIG T Productions, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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