Be Somebody!


If there's one thing that the 80's was ever about, it was style! And who best to give you commentary about Style than MR. T HIMSELF ! MR.T, that veritable fount of sense and sensibility, proceeds to tell us that everyone needs to have their own style. He suggests that instead of merely wearing that designer label clothing (which was THE way to express your COOLNESS in the 1980's), you should cover the label with your OWN NAME! What a radical free-thinker MR.T is! Or better, yet, design your own clothes, and put your name on them! What follows next is MR.T being an emcee at a photo shoot of his own disciples fashion statements!

The chosen believers of MR.T's mighty message are: Zena & Xena, Marta, Jeff, Athena, Kelly, Manny and Janine. We are treated to the disembodied voice of MR.T during the entire shoot, except for a rare on-screen nod of approval from MR.T when he is announcing Manny .

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