Be Somebody!


The scene opens upon a girl, standing in front of a camera crew, a director in his chair, and the towering figure of MR. T between the field of vision of the girl and the director. It turns out that this girl is trying to shoot a commercial about (of all things) SHYNESS! Alas, she herself is incredibly SHY! The director makes her stop and restart several times, until he finally gets fed up with her performance and asks her to leave. Obviously the girl has already seen MR. T's ANGER section of the video, as she suddenly gains confidence and insists the director let her finish the job she was asked to do! He backs down, and she finishes, with newfound confidence. After wrapping up, she gets smart-alecky with the director and then walks off stage. As she moves towards the camera, but before going off camera, we see MR. T give an amused smirk in her direction.

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