Be Somebody!


In a cinematic sweep, the camera comes in on a park scene, with MR.T standing beside a huge tree. There, many of his youthful disciples are seated all about, resting in the shade provided by these two mighty figures. MR.T launches into a monologue about the importance of knowing where you came from, and who you are. He explains many things about why he is who he is, and does what he does. Several of the topics covered are also briefly mentioned in the BIOGRAPHY here at this sight, but MR.T's eloquence is far above what we can hope to articulate here at MTBSOBSF . However, his words are so moving, that his followers break out into a song ! Alas, due to the incredible energy output of this event, our audio equipment broke down, and we were unable to get samples. The most notable thing about the song is the fact that his pupils sing it in tongues! Or is that just really bad lip synching, we can't quite tell..

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