Be Somebody!

Peer Pressure

With the lovely sounds of NEW EDITON in the background, we see several youngsters strolling along a boardwalk. One of them strays slightly behind the group, and starts digging in a trash can. His efforts are rewarded when he finds a couple cans of beer, and a pack of smokes! He rushes up to the group and proudly displays his newfound prize! Everyone in the group, with the exception of a younger member, gathers round and immediately begins to experiment with the goods. The hesitant youth is still unsure, even when the other members practically try to force him to consume the goodies. In the background, we see a concerned MR.T standing father-like over the situation. MR.T is confident that the kid has it within himself to make the correct decision. Sure enough, the others begin to get sick, and the kid is satisfied that his choice was the right one. NEW EDITION, all the while are crooning "Peer Pressure", in their distinctive style..

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