Be Somebody!

Treat Your Mother Right

We arrive to witness an apparent face off in progress. Two youths are trying to cut each other down. It starts getting pretty ugly, when one of them invokes the others mother. Unlike the Wayans brothers, and their brand of YO' MAMA humor, MR.T doesn't go for that! He properly instructs the kids on the importance of respecting ones mother. They go away sufficiently calmed, and happy in their newly found fellowship.

If anyone EVER suspected MR.T of disregarding the Fourth Commandment "Thou Shalt Honor Thy Father and Mother", let this set the record straight ! In a fit of inspiration, and to right the wrongs of the sparring youths, MR.T begins singing a song in honor of his own mother..An event that must truly be witnessed by everyone! The audio equipment was properly repaired and reinforced, so that we could bring you this incredible event..


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