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There are only a few links at the moment...If I come across other quality Mr. T Websites, I'll try to add them here, as time permits. Since I'm (sort of) describing each site a little bit, there may be lapses between updates. What do you expect for FREE?

Mr. T Webring;list
A nice collaboration of OTHER Mr. T sites. Many of the below links are likely to be found on the WebRing list...

The Seanbaby Probe - Mr. T's Be Somebody or Be Somebody's Fool
Inevitably, other tributes using flashier technology spring up...this one has some nice commentary to accompany the content!

Mr. T - Toughest Man In Anime
I'm a sucker for Anime, and this one is a Great Mr. T Vs. a variety of Anime & others..

The Mr T Quote of the Week!
Hilarious! This site has a cute combination of weekly sound samples, great links to OTHER Mr. T related sites, and pictures. If you go nowhere else on the WWW for Mr. T, at least stop here.

This is Mr. T's K-Rad Shack Homepage, Fool!
Interesting sight. I continuously have problems trying to load up the pictures there, but the sight is pretty funny, nonetheless!

Mr T Fanclub
Another great place! Although you should always answer YES if asked whether you like Mr. T.... This is the originating place for the "Mr. T Inside Pen-T-ium Logo".

Mr. T is Tougher than God Website
If you have any doubts about this, visit & believe!

Hollywood HI-FI's Entry for "HollyWood Hi-Fi"
The website for a book & album of the same name. They have a WHOLE chapter of their book devoted to the album that accompanied the MTBSOBSF video!
Alas, the website now seems to be down, so I've linked to

Dutch Online News Article About the A-Team [Seriously!]
Not much else to say, other than If you don't know Dutch, look at the pretty pictures & see how many Mr. T fansites were quoted...including pictures from THIS one!

Simplenet's Celebrity Directory
Vinnie added the MTBSOBSF site to his list of Mr. T celebrity links...go visit & see other MR. T Sites...

The Authoritative Mr. T Page
The fellow running this has a really good area devoted to the news spots run concerning MR. T's cancer.
He also grabbed nearly all of the MTBSOBSF sounds & indexed them with words contained within, in case you don't like surprises when it comes to sound file contents!

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