Be Somebody!

Frustration IV

Again, MR.T approaches the chair. He is unswerving from his goal. Like a mad dog, hunting for the fox, he sees his goal and goes for it. This time, he has cotton in his ears! No matter the price, MR.T KNOWS that he will eventually learn to play the cello. After he begins playing, the terrible noises start up again, but MR.T remains undaunted. Not even the voice of his upstairs neighbor can stop him. Nor the banging on the floor/ceiling will dissuade MR.T from his course. Plaster begins to fall upon MR.T, at which point he realizes that if he does not protect himself, there will be no further opportunities to learn the cello. Thinking fast, MR.T whips the cello above his head, to shield his most precious asset from the plaster. No, NOT the cello...his HEAD, silly!

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