Be Somebody!


Mr. T-each We see MR.T in a classroom setting, the guise of Guru has been discarded, for the more traditional role of Teacher. He provides for us the dictionary definition of Friendship, and then is called away by an off camera friend. It seems this friend has just been the victim of a snake bite in the big toe, and well...we all know what kind of good friend MR.T is..

Valerie Landsburg The scene fades, but wait, there's the beach..and VALERIE LANDSBURG (co-star of FAME, yet another wonderful addition to American Culture, provided by the 1980's). Valerie delights us with a song about friendship. We see MR.T and his followers wave at Valerie. OH...and *blush*, MR.T must be a really SPECIAL friend of Valerie, as he blows her a sweet!

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