Be Somebody!


This website was designed with tongue firmly set in cheek. I truly respect the effort that was put forth by Mr. T and others in the making of the video, as well as respecting the message contained in the video. However, it is the manner in which said video was presented that makes its viewing humorous. In today's more `enlightened age', the medium and style nearly drowns the message out. So much so, that the video itself is a sad parody of the times in which it was produced. So, after having said that, do NOT claim that you weren't warned! If you have no sense of humor about the 1980's, and all the REALLY BAD things that came from that time, then back away from MR. T's Be Somebody...Or Be Somebody's Fool Website, and do it terribly fast! `Cuz MR. T don't tolerate NO FOOLS!


I, Philip C. Robinson, do not own any copyrights to the materials contained in these samples. HOWEVER, I did spend a considerable amount of time making the samples & bundling them up for your entertainment.
To that end I ask that you RESPECT (like Mr. T!) my efforts, by including a mention of the tribute site & a link to it, if you choose to use any of these samples on the InterNet....
I'd be very appreciative of your consideration. PLUS, if you let me know that you're using these samples for such a project, I can link back to you... sort of MUTUAL RESPECT, if you will....

Regarding Video Requests:

Please DO NOT ask me if I can send you a bootleg copy of this video! I do not possess it, and was barely lucky enough to have a friend lend it to me...I KNOW you want a copy & really badly, but I just don't have the time or resources to send something I myself do not have....Please understand! If Mr. T ever can get in touch with MCA, he'd be able to make a small fortune if he could only convince them to Re-Release this video! It certainly would be a splendid idea to have the proceeds donated to a 'Help Mr. T fight Cancer' fund, if such a thing ever comes into existence!
The equipment used to create this website was IBM PC based. I apologize if it seems machine-centric, but I don't have a Mac or endless varieties of UNIX boxes just laying around. You are free to convert the WAV format to one more easily usable by your machine. Someday, I MAY have spare MACS and UNIX machines just laying around, but not during the time I developed this website. Just because the sound format used is PC-centric, does not necessarily mean that *I* am. Truth be known, I wish I could've done this on my trusty Amiga...

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