Be Somebody!


Batter up as the BE SOMEBODY GIANTS are at the bottom of the ninth, bases loaded, 3 balls and 1 strike AND tied with the other Team. Mary, our star batter, makes a swing, and it's a STRIKE.... The pressure is on, but does Mary shrink under it? Heck NO! She slips into a daydream about being at the World Series, in the exact same circumstances. Thinking that she will become the first female player to win a game, AND be rookie of the year! The ball is pitched at her, while still in her reverie...but she snaps out of it AND BLAMMO! The ball goes sailing! She makes it to first, ensuring that the tie is broken! Mr. T plays that wacky coach that gives her the proper confidence boost.

As far as the Other team is concerned, Ogilvie and Englebert try to convince the Coach Buttermaker that they are good enough to play the team....oh..wrong movie!

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