Be Somebody!


Here we have MR.T and his students sitting at a picnic table, in a park. They appear to be starting a sacred feast of Potato Salad, Relish and Hot Dogs. MR.T is also delivering his next lesson. He begins to state that it is a good idea to channel negative energy by thinking nice thoughts. Just as he is trying to illustrate his point, a fly begins to buzz around him. MR.T is unable to resist the temptation to silence the insect. In true Guru style, he illustrates his point in living parable form. Through a series of attempts, he successfully demolishes the Potato Salad , the Napkins and the Paper Plates. He also manages to get Potato Salad all over his face, but never does catch the fly. Realizing that his anger is out of control, he advises his followers to close their eyes and meditate. After having done so, MR.T catches the fly , SINGLE HANDEDLY! Child's play for someone as advanced as he!

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