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Most people, when asked about Mr. T, may remember him as the viciously hungry fighter `Clubber Lang' in Rocky III. Or, most commonly, as the grumpy Sgt. Bosco "B.A." Baracus in the mid-1980's action television show The A-Team. (footnote: The Internet Movie Database has a nice entry for Mr. T!)

But we here at the MR. T's Be Somebody...Or Be Somebody's Fool Website (affectionately abbreviated[?] to MTBSOBSF ) recall a completely different man. For you see, beneath the gruff exterior of a fighter lies the soul of a poet, caregiver and protector! For Mr. T took it upon himself to act as a beneficent shepherd, ensuring that children had the proper guidance to stay on the path of goodness when they needed it (and heaven knows they needed it, what with all that hairspray, S & L Scandals, and Fantasy Island episodes!).

What's that you say? What sort of credentials did Mr. T have, which gave him the right to assume this role? Well, check out this brief interview / biography of the man, and reason for yourself why he chose this path! Be sure to come back here, as there is plenty of Wisdom yet to be experienced, all from the Mind and Heart of Mr. T!


Luckily for us, the Video from which this website derives it's namesake was very modular in nature. As such, the website is laid out according to the inspired structure of the video itself! Such are the INSIGHTS that MR. T provides! Navigation is simple:
This index page is the table of contents.
From here you may visit each of Mr. T's messages. You may also visit the next and previous sequential messages from each of the other pages in the site. Easy, huh?

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Introduction Shyness Roots Frustration I Anger
Styling Frustration II Peer Pressure Recouping Frustration III
Creating Treat Your Mother Right Workout Frustration IV I Am Somebody
Friendship Frustration V Mr. T's Tale Daydreaming Credits
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