Write Your Own Blues Song!

I attach here a link to a small mp3 kit to make your own blues song.

you supply the lyrics/singing, these are just backing riffs…

[when i get some more time, i’ll append a blues writing formula if enough demand surfaces]

Here’s the zip file with all sound bites:


here’s each individual piece:

Standard Blues riff:


DELUXE Blues Riff:


Guitar Riff:


Longer Riff:


Transition Riff:


Comma Riff:


“It’s So Hard” Chorus:


“She’s Got The” Chorus:



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Be Whomever You Want – Unless It’s Wonder Woman. ALWAYS Be Wonder Woman!

here’s another secret: 
every woman is every archetype.
help them see that- and they all become wonder-ful.
Some just choose to embrace specific manifestations.
and more power to them, as long as it’s a conscious choice.

On the Nature of Religious or Other Beliefs

I’m not sure I can provide any further insights into others beliefs– however, I myself believe that we, as humans, operate much more effectively when we anchor ourselves to something- a thought, an idea, a belief, a principle. something to help give us a ‘foundation’ from which to operate. We are constantly trying to understand the unknowable- by whatever ‘terms’ our particular set of ‘foundations’ can abide by.

Sometimes, as we become more ‘aware’ of things- we question those foundations, refine them- and improve upon them . And sometimes we don’t. A great deal many of us recognize that we ‘evolve’ based on fresh information- and many recognize that how the species operated even 200 years ago is way different than today- based on our capacity to learn and adapt. Some can even go so far as to recognize that many things we once believed can rightfully be called ‘superstitions’ in a ‘modern context’..

Some can go even further and speculate [or imagine] that even our thinking today is probably still superstitious- but we simply don’t yet have the tools/knowledge necessary to prove it- and thereby shift our foundational thinking and adapt accordingly. But luckily for the species, there are those willing to try. However, not always in a unified front way, and not always in an ethical or non-violent way. Such is the beauty of ‘free-will’.

The bottom line is- no matter where we are at, with our own ‘foundation’ – if we can at least be aware enough to, at minimum, tolerate or even afford a modicum of respect to others with the foundations they’re at- and, if appropriate, perhaps shed a little light, in an extremely compassionate and non-violent way – such that the species is advanced.


Limits to Love and Attraction?

This is my firm belief.

The only limits to love and attraction are the ones we ourselves allow to put on ourselves. whether because we ‘buy into’ societal pressures, cultural norms or other programming…we are capable of loving at such a grand scale, but hold ourselves back- often due to this programming and/or fear associated with the ‘need’ to control us via this programming.

If this scares you, I would request you examine WHY this is a scary concept for you? If your answer is, because the law/bible/somebody’s rules’ say this is ‘wrong’- you EXAMINE. DEEPLY examine whether this is truly an accurate reflection of reality? It may be that for *YOU*, such levels of loving or being attracted may not be available- but can you imagine or see that it could be available for others? If it isn’t accessible to you- some self-reflection might help you better understand why this isn’t something that you can see for yourself. It could be that you simply haven’t imagined the possibility, or are uncomfortable or even afraid of this possibility?

If, after examining for yourself why this statement might make you uncomfortable- you can start expanding your boundaries easily by imagining that you love or feel goodwill at least, to others you already meet and interact with. Attraction doesn’t have to be part of the equation- just goodwill and compassionate Love for others can help you grow further into the idea of being able to Love without limits.

Try it. It might be a fun experiment!

Do I ‘believe’ in Ghosts?

I believe the possibility exists of states of existence and / or other ‘explanations’ to phenomena that we have yet to experience or have the appropriate level of understanding/sophistication or even instrumentation to ‘measure’ such things.

IE: we can only truly ‘see’ so many colors [ROYGBIV, but not ultra, infra-etc]- but we do see rainbows. Dogs have a more limited visual sensory  range and cannot even see rainbows at the level we see them.

Other things can and probably DO exist that go beyond our current biological, physical, technological or even comprehensive capacities… therefore- a ‘ghost’ may exist, but as a manifestation of something we are not yet capable of ‘peering’ into .. (higher level of vibration, as in the color example..etc)